My name is Anna-Kaisa. I am Finnish Ceramic Artist and Designer. I mainly work with ceramics, glass and wood.

I have graduated with BA in Glass & Ceramics Design, and have also accomplished postgraduate studies in Design Management & Service Design.

I have participated in group exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2014.

Important aspects in my artistic practice are colors and surface. My artistic process is guided by intuition and play – I let the clay be my guide when working.

I study everyday objects and the environment and make it visible through my art. I often address critical issues relating to human connection to the nature.

I am also socially and ecologically responsible designer. I want to design products that are sustainable in every level of the products life cycle.

It is important for me to have fun when creating something new – I believe that transmits to the end user as good energy.

I am eager to learn new things, and like to experiment and apply new knowledge. I love to travel, and I find new places and the nature as a great source of inspiration for me.

I am interested in new projects and international collaboration.